Review: Strange Luck by Amie Irene Winters

Daisy Darling, the protagonist of Strange Luck, lives a dull life while helping her father run a shop specialized in “supernatural” objects. Daisy believes none of it, but everything changes when a stranger comes searching for a letter that’s been at the shop for ages. Before Daisy realizes, she’s headed for Utopia, but nothing there is quite what it appears.

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Daisy and her best friend Roger follow a map that’s supposed to lead them to Utopia, which might be able to restore Daisy’s father’s health. Roger is thrilled about finding paradise, but Daisy is skeptical and would rather return home. After running into a hideous monster and falling through a deep hole, they find themselves right in the middle of Utopia.

Soon they find out that they haven’t fallen into a paradise but a place called Nameless — a place that’s created out of good memories. Someone is out to steal Daisy’s memories, as well as Roger’s, so they must hurry to figure out the mystery of the Nameless before they lose themselves and become trapped forever.

I enjoyed Strange Luck, most of all because of the idea behind it. Memories are powerful and a huge part of who we are, and people rarely pay them as much attention as they should.

The main characters, Daisy and Roger, were a good pair and I enjoyed following them. Their friendship was evident (as was the little something else on top of it), even through all the struggles they faced. Also there were great supporting characters that really brought the story alive.

While I loved the way the story played on memories, I hoped we would’ve seen more of the consequences on Daisy and Roger. The story tries to have a sense of urgency but I didn’t feel it as strongly as I would’ve hoped. We get to see the world of the Nameless and learn about its terrors, but in the end it didn’t feel like the main characters had enough on the line.

Also there were parts that were too vague and rushed for me. There were obstacles in the way but many of them were solved quite easily, often without that much effort from the main characters. Especially towards the end I would’ve hoped for something more, something that would’ve truly pushed Daisy and Roger.

Still, overall the story kept me reading and I wanted to know what happens to Daisy and Roger next. The sequel is coming out later this year and I’d gladly give it a read as well. If you’re looking for a YA fantasy story with a new spin, you should give Strange Luck a try.


I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


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