Chapter 116 – Camp April, won!

This year’s Camp April was the first time I participated in a NaNo Camp and I’m happy to announce I won! Here’s a little rundown of how my month went. Remember to stop by to tell me about your Camp as well!


My initial plans for the Camp went out of the window so I spent the whole month writing the story, instead of editing. But it was all good and I did manage to finish it. Yay!

I had a few zero-word-days, mostly because of being away from home, and in the end I didn’t go much above my goal of 50,000 words, but I never was an overachiever anyway.


Since I wrote the whole thing by hand, it was a different experience from my usual NaNos (and usual writing). I managed to use up at least two ballpoint pens, one and a half notebooks, and a slice of my fingers since apparently I love to drag my fingers/hand along the paper as I write. Ink stains aren’t that easy to get off, by the way.

Now all I have left is the actual editing. And before that I have to move the whole thing to my computer. Which sounds… lovely… I think I’ll have to give my hand a little break before that, though.

Congratulations everyone who won this Camp (including the 7 other people in my cabin)!

How will you celebrate? If you wrote a new story, do you have any future plans for it?


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