Chapter 118 – Plans and a Break

I have quite a bunch of plans for May. Unfortunately, those plans have made me decide to take a small blogging break.

Picture by Luke Andrew Scowen

The break in this case means that I’ll still be around WordPress but my new content will only include Friday Snippets, at least for the next two weeks but it could be three.

What are my plans for the upcoming weeks?

Well, I need to type up my Camp April story, start editing it, move hundreds of kilometers away, find a job, enjoy the beginning of summer… You know, the usual.

Packing and moving will take up most of my time. The apartment looks like a hurricane blew through it and we’re not even half-way through packing, so there’s heaps to do.

Best part? We’re not sure how/when we’ll be moving everything. Yay for mysteries!

Typing up my story is quite an interesting process as well because my computer desk was sold. So was my boyfriend’s, which means we now share one fairly small and wobbly desk. Adding just a tiny notebook requires careful planning now.

So apologies for the break! I’ll see you all back here in June (in the latest), I hope you have a wonderful time until that 🙂


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