Review: Raelia by Lynette Noni

In Raelia, we continue our journey with Alex Jennings — a human girl whose life changed when she crossed over to Medora and attended the Akarnae Academy there. Her second year of studying is not any easier than the first, and with a constant threat hanging over her and the Medorans, Alex must work extra hard to keep herself and those around her safe.


This second book of the Medoran Chronicles brings us right back to Alex, Bear, D.C. and Jordan. Their friendship carries strong through the story and I already cared for them in book one. Now it was like coming back to old friends.

One thing I feel Lynette Noni does incredibly well is bringing all her characters to life, giving them meaningful interactions. And we get to know more characters this time! Even the villains were interesting and although I can’t say I liked every character encountered in the book, it certainly wasn’t because of bad writing.

An interesting add-on to the already hectic school life at Akarnae comes in the form of SAS. Alex’s school year takes a turn for the worse — in her opinion — when she’s involuntarily enrolled into SAS, or Stealth and Subterfuge. With the threat of Aven constantly on her, she’s not so keen on tackling additional problems, but at least she has her course mates to help (or hinder) her.

The story went on at a good pace, always keeping me interested in what was going on and what would happen next. We learned new things about the world of Medora and the Lost City of Meya. There were also some cool twists that really took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride, so be prepared. Also be prepared to realize the next book won’t come out until 2017.

It was wonderful to return to Medora and be reunited with Alex. In my earlier review of Akarnae, the first book of the Chronicles, I said it was one of the best books I’ve read in a while and I have to repeat myself here. The book was fun, filled with adventure, nerve-racking at times, and once more managed to bring tears into my eyes, both from joy and sorrow.

If you like YA fantasy, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you liked Akarnae… Well, what’s your excuse for not reading Raelia yet?



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