Chapter 120 – Not So Fictional Anymore

I’m sure all of us have run into fictional sports at one time or another. At least one main character in the book/comic/series usually plays the sport (or in the very least is a fan), and in some cases that makes us really want to take that sport and make it a reality.

Picture by Ben HollandPhotograpy, own work CC BY-SA 4.0.

I’m definitely not a sports fan, despite the numerous sporty hobbies I’ve tried over the years, but there are still some fictional ones that manage to intrigue even me.

So, here are five interesting fictional sports that someone has brought into the real world:

  • Ever wanted to play Quidditch, that awesome game played on flying brooms in Harry Potter? Did you know people in our world do play it? Muggle Quidditch has all the same balls, the same number of players and those players even have the same titles, but unfortunately technology(/magic) hasn’t developed far enough to allow you to play while flying. You’ll have to settle with running like the wind.
  • Now, hands up if you’ve read Winnie The Pooh. Remember Poohsticks? There’s a Championship of that in the real world, too. You choose your stick, throw it into the river and hope it comes out first. A tad more childish and tremendously safer than Quidditch, Pooh Sticks is the perfect choice for younger kids.
  • Like chess but would love a new challenge? Why not try Tri-Dimensional Chess? While the rules were never quite explained in Star Trek, fans have created a rule book and you can even buy your very own set. Time to exercise that brain of yours.
  • Calvinball is another game for the children and especially the childish. The rules are… there are no rules, more or less. You can’t play the same game twice, so good luck learning that!
  • For those looking for something more sporty but less witchcraft and wizardry, you could give Pyramid a shot. This bizarre mix of basketball and football from Battlestar Galactica is sure to make you break out with sweat as you try to throw the ball through the goal.

The list could probably go on and on, as people love adapting fiction to reality. However I’ll cut it here and ask you if you’ve run into a fiction-turned-reality sport that you’d like to share?

Also, if you could choose, which fictional sport would you love to play?


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