Chapter 122 – Still Time for Camping

Didn’t we just finish NaNoWriMo Camp April? Why yes, we did, but that only means Camp July is already around the corner. If you missed April, here’s a new chance for you.


I did a post about reasons to go Camping and also what to remember before Camp in March, so I won’t go over those points again. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, you should give them a read though!

My last Camp didn’t go quite as planned since I was supposed to use that month for editing but ended up only writing. This time I actually have a finished story to edit. I’ve started editing already but there’s still a long way to go, and what’s better for motivation than Camp with daily goals?

Because Camp allows you to do any kind of project you want, they use a fixed rate for editing, meaning one hour of editing equals 1 000 words. Using that as my guideline, I’ve set my Camp Goal at 60 000 words — two hours of editing per day. Some days I’ll probably go over, some days I might fall under, but I’ll aim for the 2 hour mark the best I can.

I talked about Cabins and the support of the community in my earlier posts and I still stand by that. Easily the best thing about NaNo is the community and the support you can find when you talk with fellow writers. This time, however, I’m opting out of the cabin system. Not because I didn’t enjoy it in April (I did and it was wonderful to be able to share both ups and downs with others) but because I’m more pressed for time than in April.

I’ll carve out editing time from my schedule and use it to the fullest, but I don’t see myself having much time to spend in the cabins. Since I think the whole point of cabins is to encourage each other, I wouldn’t be a very good mate, so I’d rather skip it this time.

Are you going to do Camp July? If yes, what’s your project? If no, why?

And in case you already participated in Camp April, are you going to continue your project or will you be working on something new?


10 thoughts on “Chapter 122 – Still Time for Camping

  1. I did this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo April, and I both enjoyed it while finding it rather.unpleasant. Maybe it was because I only had recently joined about the 7-8th of April, and was pressed for time, and didn’t plan beforehand for the story, that’s what was the unpleasant experience I had with Camp NaNo in April. The enjoyable part was working on something new, as I had been going overboard with a WIP story called Nothing to Lose, and I wanted a break from it, so I used Camp NaNo April to create a sub-story, which gave me a real good break.

    The cabin I was in was fantastic! We kept each other motivated, gave each other tips, and overall, I had a pleasant experience with cabins.

    Good luck to you for Camp NaNo July!

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  2. I am going to camp again this July – I’m going to try to use it to either finish editing my novel, or finish up an incomplete novel. Either way, I’m really excited about Camp!

    I’ll check out your other blogs about camp as well! I love NaNo blogs!

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