Chapter 123 – A Weather for Reading

Seasons and weather can not only affect our mood and energy, but our reading habits and cravings as well. Since it’s summer in Finland, here are four sets of lists that contain books for every summery situation!

Picture by LWYang

I’m not the biggest “summer reader” but since I’m on a good roll reading-wise, I figured it’d be best if I had a few handy lists to choose from when I finish the book I’m currently reading.

Not that my To Be Read-pile isn’t sky high already! It’s just that sometimes you want to read something specific, something you don’t even know yourself — except that the “something” you’re looking for isn’t on your TBR list.

I hope these lists included some titles you’ll be interested in, as they certainly did for me. If you choose to read any of the books mentioned, let me know which!

Do weather and seasons affect your reading? If yes, how?


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