Chapter 127 – A Glance at Blogs

I know I’m not the only one busy with Camp July, but it’s still good to take breaks and see what’s up in the blogging world. For the extremely busy, here are four cool blog posts from this past week for you to read.

Picture by jill111

For those in need of blogging tips:
Grow Your Traffic with Keyword Research by Chris Smith

For those struggling with writing:
The Highs and Lows of being a Writer by Rosemary Hayes

For those planning new stories (or editing old ones):
Tips on the Story structure in Novels  by Damyanti Biswas

For those just looking for a quick poem to read:
Can’t Everylasting by Jena Schwartz

Let me know what you thought of these posts!

The second Camp July Care Package will be Horror and it’ll be posted on Wednesday. Remember to vote for your favorite genres, as the next genre will be determined next Sunday!


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