Chapter 129 – Pokémon No-GO

Yes, the Pokémon GO craze finally got to me (to be fair, it only launched in Finland this weekend). As much fun as it is, there are still some problems that make me question how long the craze will last.


My phone isn’t Android or iOS so my Pokémon adventure is shared between me, my boyfriend and his brother. Not quite the way I’d prefer (I’d love it if we could all play at the same time and be a cool team) but I don’t have any complains either.

We started with Bulbasaur and then hit the road. Let me tell you, the forests around these parts of Finland are littered with Weedles, Pidgeys and Spearows. We’ve also managed to catch other Pokémon and even evolved three: Pidgey to Pidgeotto, Weedle to Kakuna, and Eevee to Vaporeon.

One nightly walk prompted a couple passing by to ask us if we’re finding any. When we said “Only Weedles”, the other one said “I knew they were playing Pokémon!” A few minutes later a car stopped next to us and asked if we were catching Pokémon. We said yes, they drove away.

Not quite the social experiences I’ve heard other people having, but still pretty good for Finns!

Then, the problems. The huge, annoying problems that will kill this game if they’re not fixed soon.


Error. Cannot connect to server. Retry.

I’m not even sure how many Pokémon we’ve lost at this point. We find one, catch it in the ball and then the game freezes and tells us there’s a server problem. One incense (it attracts Pokémon for 30 minutes once activated) was a complete waste because it kept telling us error, error, error.

Every game has issues at launch and mobile games with as much players as Pokémon GO is a challenge. I know GO has already been under DDoS attacks several times.

I also know people aren’t that patient.

How many times are people going to go for a poké-walk if they lose every, or every other, Pokémon? How many purchases are people going to make if their items end up wasted because the servers act up? Not all that many, I’m guessing.

All I can do is hope that Niantic gets their act and servers together. DDoS are a pain but there are companies who deal with them every day and don’t have this kind of downtime.

Here’s hoping I can be on the GO for the rest of the summer too.

The third Camp July Care Package will be Romance and it’ll be posted on Wednesday. Remember to vote for your favorite genres, as the fourth and FINAL genre will be determined next Sunday!


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