Chapter 133 – Camp July Wrap-up

Another month of NaNoing is now behind us, although the next is coming up in just a few short months. I reached my Camp July goal but there’s still work to do.


My Camp July goal was to edit for two hours a day which equals 60 000 words. I don’t have any actual word stats but I finished my 60 hours of editing, so yay!

What that means for my book is that I’ve just about finished my first proper round of editing. Biggest mistakes and holes have been found and identified, but I’ll still have to go through the text another time. At least the plot looks much more coherent and interesting now, as well as the characters.

It’s amazing how short the human memory can be. Every time I participate in NaNo I realize I actually have the time for writing and editing, if I just set it aside. Then every time the month is over, I suddenly feel like I’m swamped. Like I don’t even have half an hour for my stories.

My life’s at a point where it might soon get really busy or really boring, depending on whether I’ll get the job I want. Next month I’m also moving to this great new apartment and that brings all the trouble with packing and taking stuff from one place to another and finding new furniture and so on.

But I want to grab on to my stories and not let them get away from me. My initial plan was to release the third book in the Awoken Dragon Trilogy in November and I’m still working towards that, but I have a nagging feeling I might be late.

For now I’m focusing on what comes after every reached goal: rewards! And this time my prize will be watching Stranger Things on Netflix and playing some good ol’ Pokémon Yellow. And Pokémon GO. Don’t judge me.

How did your Camp July go? If you won, how did you reward yourself?


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