Review: Suicide Squad (2016 movie)

In a world increasingly inhabited by metahumans, a government official Amanda Waller assembles a team capable of handling the situation if the next superhero decides to turn evil. And who’s better at fighting superheroes than supervillains?


Waller assembles the Suicide Squad from convicted criminals and villains, and, as the name suggests, every member is expendable for the good of the United States. The members are planted with a nano-bomb which will explode in case of attempted escape or otherwise actions considered against their orders.

The Squad consists of Deadshot — never misses a shot, El Diablo — pyromaniac, Captain Boomerang — Australian, Killer Croc — monster in the sewers, Slipknot — can climb anywhere, and Harley Quinn — simply crazy.

Their first mission begins when an ancient witch, Enchantress, and her brother, Incubus, attack Midway City and start turning people into monsters. Their goal is to create a machine that will purge the world and thus punish humans who imprisoned their souls in artifacts long ago. Suicide Squad is led to battle under Colonel Rick Flag, but when you’re dealing with villains, things never go quite as planned.

Now, if you thought my descriptions of the main characters were short and shallow, you’re right. Unfortunately the whole movie lacks depth and interesting conflicts, and only ends up being a mash of a thousand raw ideas.

The Squad members don’t get to shine. They don’t get much depth or motivation, and their actions don’t make much sense considering their background. I don’t want to spoil the plot but when a grade-B sob-story gets hardened criminals to suddenly find a conscience, it eats away from the “supervillain” vibe.

But I can’t talk about characters without mentioning the Joker, the psychopath criminal who’s been Batman’s nemesis for ages. Before seeing this movie, I heard some people call this Joker one of the best, if not the best. Maybe I saw a different movie but the Joker made no good impression on me. I don’t know if it was the acting or simply how the character was written, but instead of feeling like a dangerous supervillain, he seemed like a stoned junkie.

As far as the plot goes, there is one but it’s not that good. It’s as if they couldn’t decide where to go with this movie, especially with their constant attempts at Marvel-type humor. There are no surprises, which I admit seems fitting for a superhero/villain movie, but here the lack of character development causes the plot to feel even worse, and at least I couldn’t connect to it.

I think one of the best ways to describe this movie is to describe their use of music. Especially in the beginning they’ve used perhaps a dozen (popular) songs that play for 10-20 seconds and then skip to the next one. Choppy and hard to follow.

Suicide Squad is not all bad. If you’re looking for an action film with super-something, you can watch through this movie without trouble. It has tons of action and visual effects, and there are a couple of scenes to actually enjoy. In any other case I’d suggest you find something else.



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