Chapter 135 – From the Heart

Passion is a word that gets thrown around a lot and for good reason. Doing something because you want to has a completely different feel to doing something because you can. Passion isn’t everything, but it’s the heart that drives us.

Picture by stevepb

I’m one of those people who wait all year for a new season of MasterChef Australia and then watch every episode, even if it messes up my schedule. The reason is the sheer amount of passion the competitors and judges have. They cook from the heart and it shows. I’ve seen other versions (USA, Canada, Finland) but none of them have the same feel.

It’s a joy to watch someone do what they’re passionate about and at least for me it’s also inspiring. I’m not a great cook and would never be able to replicate the dishes seen in MasterChef, but I guide my passion to writing. When someone gives their all to create an impossible dessert, it makes me want to give my all to create an impossible scene.

My writing doesn’t always come from a place of amazing inspiration and the land of the creative muses, but every story is born from passion. I wouldn’t write if I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve lost motivation completely and I’ve felt out of words but something still pulls me back to writing.

One great thing to do when having low creative energy is to watch someone who’s full of it. That person doesn’t have to love the same thing as you. Actually, if you’re prone to comparing yourself to others, it’s better to find a completely different passion. Turn on the TV and watch a show about cooking, making clothes or decorating, and use the opportunity to leech some of their passion.

Of course there are other places for finding passion than TV but I also happen to feel lazy when low on creative energy. Go figure.

Writing from the heart isn’t easy because we’re susceptible to fear, doubt, low self-esteem, bad days and negative comments. Who really wants to write something just to get terrible reviews? No one.

But when our passion takes the lead, we’ll write anyway. It might not be pretty or polished but no worries — that’s what editing is for.

Does watching others inspire you? Is there something specific you do if you feel low on creative energy or doubt your passion?


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