Review: Zootropolis (2016 movie)

Judy Hopps has had a dream ever since she was a little bunny: to be a police officer. There has never been a rabbit police but she becomes the first and gets a job in Zootropolis, a bustling metropolis where predators and prey live in harmony. To prove her worth to her suspicious Chief, Judy takes on a missing mammal case that turns out to be too much for her to handle alone.


(I know this movie is also called Zootopia but here in Finland/most of Europe it’s Zootropolis, so I’m going with that.)

Predators and prey have finally discarded their ancient aggressive ways and instead coexist as civilized mammals. Some want to become astronauts, others farmers and there are even popstars. Judy’s family has been carrot farmers since forever and her parents wish her to continue the work, but Judy’s determination takes her to police academy and eventually Zootroplis, the city where you can be anything you want.

Judy’s career as a police gets a rough start when her chief assigns her parking duty. When she unlawfully arrests a thief, she’s almost fired. The only way she can save her career is to find a missing mammal, Emmit Otterton, within 48 hours. She follows a lead and ends up continuing her investigation in league with a fox, Nick Wilde, who’s not quite on the right side of law but has connections. They delve into the mystery that grows more and more complicated — and dangerous — with every new turn…

Zootropolis is a fun, entertaining movie with good morals behind it. As a Disney film it’s suitable for children but there are still plenty of things older people will enjoy.

Judy and Nick are the main characters and they are both greatly written. Judy is a headstrong little bunny who wants to make the world a better place, while Nick is more concerned about his own life and has settled with being the sly fox. Still, as they adventure together, they both learn something new about themselves and their true values.

The plot was original and kept up a good pace throughout the movie. There was only one scene that annoyed me because a similar thing happens in every other movie, but as a whole Disney did a wonderful job giving a new spin on the “lessons” that are common for these types of films. There was humor and lighthearted scenes, but they were nicely balanced with more serious, even sad sections. It was also nice to have a more detective-style Disney film for once, since those aren’t very common.

And I must mention the visuals. It’s an animation film but it’s beautiful, and all the different ares of Zootropolis (such as Tundratown and Rainforest District) look vibrant and alive. The style certainly doesn’t aim for realism but the animals were still done in a way that felt natural within the setting.

This movie is a definite hit for those who love Disney and Pixar, but even if you’re not a big fan of animation, you should give this a try. It might be labeled “children” but it’ll keep an adult interested and might even make us think a little.



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