Chapter 138 – Story Time

It’s been a while (six months, whoops) since I lasted posted a story so let’s remedy that! I’m not sure what it is with me and short stories, but they tend to be on the melancholy side… Well, I’ll just blame the darkening nights for it.


“You’ll always be by my side, right?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“Answer. Will you?”
“Of course.”
“Even if the world ends?”
“Yes! Just change the subject already.”

Turned out it wasn’t the world that ended. And it wasn’t the love. And it certainly wasn’t the pain.

Out of all the conversations, chats, laughs, arguments and disputes, this just had to be the one to define the rest.  Can’t say it was something to prepare for. Not after everything and all the years. Not after the plans for future.

Maybe I should’ve said no. But how could I?

“These walls drive me nuts. Burn my eyes.”
“It’s just the migraine. They give you something for it?”
“Yesterday, today, tomorrow… always.”
“I’ll talk to them.”
“Don’t. Talk to me instead. Can’t get much worse anyway.”

Turned out it could. But still we talked. For hours, days. Always thought people would eventually run out of things to say to each other. Somehow we didn’t. We talked till there was blood. Till I didn’t want to speak anymore.

My eyes burned every day too. I just didn’t blame the walls or the lights. Still can’t call myself the brave one.

“C’mon, doc, give me some good news.”
“The situation is complicated and-”
“Bullshit. Be straight with me, I can take it.”

Turned out ‘complicated’ was the biggest understatement ever. And I couldn’t take it. Can anyone? No one should have to. But it’s life and life doesn’t ask permission.

It was the last time I wanted to hear anything straight. I was foolish to think it could spare me the agony. Nothing could.

“Remember how we met?”
“You were wandering the hallways, completely lost. I helped you.”
“And couldn’t keep your eyes off ever since.”
“That was mutual. Still is.”
“No other way about it.”

Turned out there was another way. Not a way you willingly follow, but a way you can’t stray from. Ever. Not a road stop in sight.

Maybe I should’ve been blind that day. Things could be different. How could there be an end if there were no us to begin with?

“You’re all incompetent! Frauds! I’ll sue every last one of you!”
“Please, let us explain.”
“Fix this. Fix. This. Now.”

Turned out not everything can be fixed. Can’t patch up everything. And I’m no magician. Doctors aren’t either, contrary to my belief. Popular belief, even. I raged and screamed and pleaded to no avail.

“Not sure you should visit tomorrow.”
“You crazy? I always do. Told you I’d be by your side.”
“Even if the world ends.”
“Then be here tonight.”

Turned out there was no apocalypse that night. What a scary thought it used to be. So many prophecies out there yet people laugh at them. I used to laugh too but inside I was afraid. I hoped the day would never come. Now I hope for it every waking moment.

It wasn’t the world that ended that night. It was my world.


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