Review: Cinderella (2015 movie)

Ella’s joyful childhood ends when an illness takes her mother. Life goes on for Ella and her father, but after several years he remarries. Unfortunately Ella’s new stepmother and stepsisters are far from kind, and when her father passes, she soon realizes she’s become someone else: Cinderella.


Cinderella is another one of Disney’s live-action versions of their beloved fairy tales. It adds a few new spins to the story but mostly follows the old animated film, so if you’ve seen that, you know what to expect from this movie. I won’t go deeper into the plot since it’s pretty much the same old with Cinderella being the servant until she falls in love with the Prince and ends up becoming the Queen.

Ella lives her life trying to be brave and kind, to honor her mother’s last wish. She doesn’t protest when her step-family turns her into a servant and is almost content to give up and settle with only her memories. I must admit I never was a big fan of Cinderella’s character and I hoped the movie would’ve changed it a little more, but at least she had a few short moments of standing up for her beliefs.

And I can’t talk about characters without mentioning Cate Blanchett, who was amazing in her role as the evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine. She was easily the best actress (or actor) in the movie and certainly helped push the whole thing from completely goofy to more serious.

Visually the movie was quite pretty, especially all the dresses and costumes. Still, there were a couple of CGI effects that were painfully obvious and borderline ugly, which unfortunately is a big con in this day and age.

All in all this new Cinderella is as expected. It’s not very innovative or mysterious, but for any Disney Princess fans it’ll still be an enjoyably experience.



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