Chapter 141 – Ready, Set, Goal

I’ve struggled with writing a lot lately. Days go by without me writing a word and I can’t seem to figure out why. To be perfectly honest, I know the problem: I don’t have goals.

Picture by Dafne Cholet

Goals are important to keep you focused on what needs your attention the most. Without goals, it’s easy to get confused and spend your days doing a whole bunch of nothing. Like me!

Now, I do have a few vague goals. Finish editing my novel. Publish said novel. Read all these books. Accomplish this and that.

The reason I’m probably not getting anywhere with my goals is that I don’t have specific plans. It’s easy to set the goal of editing a novel but not so easy to set up a daily schedule that would actually cause progress.

I’ve promised myself time and again that I’d set up a daily writing goal. I do it every NaNo-season but when the month ends, I mysteriously lose all ability to commit a daily slot for anything.

November isn’t that far away but I want to do something before that. There has been many changes in my life this autumn, so what’s one more?

Daily writing goal.

Three small words that cause an immediate sensation of anxiety. To keep being honest, specific goals have always intimidated me. It’s a lot easier to tell myself I’ll finish my book one day than to promise to write every day. I know there’ll eventually be a day I won’t write — life tends to happen in unexpected ways.

One missed day won’t ruin everything but it’s easy to miss another. Then another. It’s much harder to get back to work like nothing happened, especially when I’m not one of those people who need routines.

But I want to try. Again.

I won’t go for word goals since those are much too vague in terms of time but I’ll set up one hour every evening for writing, from eight to nine. By “every evening” I mean Monday to Friday, since my weekends are too messy for pre-scheduling, but I’ll squeeze that one hour in there somewhere.

I’ll let you know how it goes next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Do you have daily writing goals, word- or time-wise? If yes, how long did it take for it to become a habit? Are habits and routine important to you, or do you like keeping things spontaneous?


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