Chapter 149 – November Schedule

Who else is hyped about NaNo being just around the corner? I’m all ready to start writing but I also have a couple of other projects going on, so I’ll be quite pressed for time. Here’s what November will look like for Northern Chapters!

Picture by Dimitris Kalogeropoylos

During Camp July, I posted Camp Care Packages throughout the month to keep you inspired and motivated to write. I liked the whole community feel and sharing the experience, so I wanted to do something similar.

However, with NaNo it’s also important to relax every now and then. I can write the daily target in one session if I’m on a roll but sometimes I split it into smaller sections, and both ways take their toll. Writing is hard so we need to remember to reward and refresh ourselves. Otherwise we’ll run into all kinds of trouble, like writer’s block or feeling inferior to every other writer ever or something else nasty.

This November I’ll be posting NaNo Break Packages. Yes, that means taking a break from writing for a moment.


It helps you recharge your writing batteries, gives your brain time to mull over that newest plot twist, and pushes your characters to realize what’s holding them back. Basically you stop writing to write better.

They can include anything from recipes to music to videos to poems. Whatever I can find that might help us all unwind a bit before diving back into writing.

What would YOU like for a Break Package? I’m doing this to help you guys, so your opinion matters!

In November, I’ll only post twice a week: new Break Package every Wednesday and then the traditional Friday Snippet. Sunday’s will drop off the grid, just to help me manage my time a bit better. Also because Sunday is the only day I might be able to attend a local write-in.

How will you schedule your November? Are you juggling many projects (writing or otherwise) or will NaNo get your full attention?


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