Chapter 151 – Beauty of Nature

Finland celebrated its Independence Day and 99th birthday on December 6th. “Celebrate” might be too big of a word considering how serious and somber it is, but that’s just how we roll. This year was about the strengths of Finland and my favorite was definitely our nature.

Picture by Heikki Saukkomaa

I’ve posted about Finland’s independence day before but to sum up (and drive the point home) it’s a very quiet day for most. People take out candles to their relatives’ graves, lit a few more at home and simply spend time with family. And of course most of those people also watch the President’s annual Independence Day’s Reception (my own translation, which may or may not describe it well) on TV.

The Reception is basically a huge ball thrown for Finns who have excelled at something (war veterans, athletes, politicians, musicians etc.) but what really interests people are dresses and failures. Our media is full of news about how beautiful or hideous someone’s dress was or how badly someone screwed up while shaking hands with the President. So, we celebrate very quietly among family… but we still love to criticize others.

I would’ve loved to link a video that was shown on TV before the reception started but for some reason I can’t find it available anywhere online. The video showed some amazing Finnish nature but fortunately we’re not short on videos like that!

Here’s an alternative by Riku Karjalainen and I must admit it’s even more stunning than the one I originally wanted to share.

I don’t always appreciate Finnish nature enough so I’m glad for these kind of reminders.

Definitely worth celebrating.

Which of your country’s strengths is your favorite? Also, if you know a great video showing your country’s nature, share it!


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