Chapter 152 – Broken Magic Cover and Blurb

The third and final book of the Awoken Dragon Trilogy is still underway, but I figured it was time to lift the veil of mystery. Hope you like the cover and blurb! (NOTE: if you haven’t read the first two books, the blurb could contain SPOILERS.)

Both the cover and blurb might go through changes before publication in early 2017, so remember to leave a comment and let me know what you think!


The Gate has broken and humans and dragons are once more sharing the same world. Ryan knows he’s responsible for what has happened and it’s on him to ensure the safety of all dragons and mages. Unfortunately Kharaxt has plans of his own and those don’t bode well for anyone following Ryan.

To make matters worse, magic isn’t properly adapting to its new habitat. Crazy weather phenomena and raging storms are one thing, but when dragons and mages start having trouble controlling their magic, it spells true trouble.

As humans debate over how to handle their magical neighbors, Ryan and Werdhen set out to stop Kharaxt before he can destroy every hope of peace. It’s a task they can’t accomplish alone but as they meet familiar and strange dragons alike, they’re about to get a crash course in recognizing friend from foe…


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