Chapter 157 – Join My Feb-Flash!

I always say I’m going to write more short stories but I never do it. Feb-Flash to the rescue! Every Sunday in February I’m going to post a piece of flash fiction. And I want You to join me.

Why join?

  • It’s fun!
  • It gets you writing
  • You’ll get feedback! When you share your work with me on Sunday, I’ll read and comment on it

 How to join?

  1. Either use my prompt (which I’ll add at the end of every Friday Snippet) or use your own prompt. It’s all about writing so find your inspiration wherever you can.
  2. Write 500 words (give or take) using your chosen prompt.
  3. Share your work on my Sunday post by either posting a link or writing the story as a comment. Remember to mention your prompt.
  4. Share the love! I recommend you read what others have written as well and comment on them.
  5. Come back next week.

You don’t have to announce your participation beforehand. If you don’t feel inspired one week, try again the next.

Week 1: Prompt | Story
Week 2: Prompt | Story
Week 3: Prompt | Story
Week 4: Prompt | Story coming Feb 26th


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