Feb-Flash #2

Time for the second flash fiction piece of February! If you haven’t already, check out the prompt and write your own story.

The prompt for this week was this picture:


She was beautiful. Like, super beautiful. Wagging your tail, dashing in circles like a maniac kind of pretty. Also the kind of pretty that was out of my league. She lived just across the street but it might as well have been across a giant section of hardwood floor — that’s hard stuff to walk on!

First time I saw her I got so excited I barked like crazy and scared her so much she growled and bared her teeth. So I tried to act cool. Only sniffed the edges of the sidewalk and patches of grass, maybe the occasional tree or bush, but never approached her.

I didn’t even glance her way, unless we were in the park. There was enough space for her to roam around freely while I stayed back and simply watched.

Her long, smooth fur glistened in the sun and she nearly blended in with the field of golden flowers. She was like gold herself. The prettiest sight in the world, especially when she closed her eyes and raised her snout to enjoy the breeze.

The best part about the park used to be running around without a care in the world. Racing the petals that I’d shaken off from the flowers. Go so fast everyone remembered I was the king of this park.

Now the best part was her. Like a golden angel on her golden field–

Her eyes opened and she turned my way.

I dove my head down to sniff the flowers, just to pretend I wasn’t staring. My heart pounded as I waited for an angry bark. Maybe a vicious charge to really put me in my place.

But there was no sound. No stomping or snarls. I stayed still and pricked my ears. There was a light rustle, like paws treading softly on grass. Then it stopped.

I slowly raised my head. She was standing much closer now, her brown eyes looking my way and her head slightly tilted to the side. After a moment she let out a short, happy bark and wagged her tail.I looked around to see if there was someone else behind me. Or beside me.

She barked again and my heart jumped. She wanted to play with me. Me! I barked back with joy and charged towards her. She sprinted away but glanced back, tail still wagging, inviting me for a round of tag.

And around we went, circling the park over and over again, until we were so exhausted we just laid down on the grass. It wasn’t too long after when she had to leave, and I looked after her shiny golden figure as she disappeared off into the distance.

Best. Day. Ever.


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