Feb-Flash #4

It’s time for the last Feb-Flash of 2017! Read my story here and share yours in the comments below.

The prompt for this week’s 500 words was this picture:


On capturing a Sun Fairy

Sun Fairies, the tiniest of fairies, are a common yet rarely seen bunch. They love to dance in the bright midday sun but they remain active from the very first rays of the morning all the way until sundown. They are born to dance with the sun, to help spread the rays as far as they can to encourage nature to bloom. They are responsible for the survival of many species that would have perished without them spreading light into the darkest notches in the world.

Sun Fairies have special wings that not only allow them to blend in effortlessly with ordinary rays of sun but also give them the power to emit their own light. Nature’s own solar panels, Sun Fairies can store enough energy on their wings to keep shining for several hours in complete darkness.

This stored light is not easy to come by, though. Sun Fairies all retreat into hiding at sundown, many even an hour or two in advance to made sure they’re properly hidden when the time comes. They like to sleep underground or in other places where their light would not capture the attention of predators or curious passers-by.

The light of Sun Fairy can, however, be very useful as it charges purely on the sun and using it will not harm the Fairy.

Let us assume you are in need of light. Maybe you are lost in an unknown area and the night is fast approaching. You must keep moving to find shelter but stumbling in the dark is too dangerous.

Sun Fairies, fortunately, are always around whenever there is sunlight. If you are to capture one, be mindful that Sun Fairies do not like to be captured. Once freed — and they will free themselves eventually, if you fail to do so in time — they might inflict tiny, nasty bites all over you. You mind find yourself followed by odd shadows.

But if this is your only option, be sure to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Find a spot with light. Any spot will do but sunlight should hit the spot consistently for several minutes at a time for best effect.
  2. If possible, find fresh snow. The sparkling of snow in the sun attracts Sun Fairies because to them it looks like other Sun Fairies dancing.
  3. Have a container ready. Glass containers are the best as light passes through them and so the Sun Fairies won’t be frightened too much. Thanks to their small size, Sun Fairies can pass through the tiniest holes so even if to your eye your container appears solid, they might be a way for a fairy to enter.
  4. Set your container on the best available spot and wait.┬áHave patience. It’s good to set aside at least half an hour to capture a Sun Fairy. If an hour passes with no results, try another spot.
  5. Once you notice your container emitting a light of its own, you may pick it up and move it to the shadow. If there is still light, you have successfully captured a Sun Fairy.
  6. Be thankful. Once you no longer have use for the Sun Fairy, thank them for their help. To appease them, you might want to offer a small piece of glass, gemstone or other sparkly item. Even a leaf with morning dew is better than nothing. And if you do get bitten, you only have yourself to blame.





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