Review: Logan (2017 movie)

Logan barely even recognizes himself. Mutants are all but gone, and he’s in hiding with Professor Xavier. He wants to stay forgotten but an unknown woman approaches him, asking for help. Despite his refusal, he’s already been dragged into a mess he can’t get away from. To make it even worse, he must take responsibility for someone he never knew existed. People are after them, but can they escape in time?


Logan has been laying low for a while, working as a chauffeur and making sure he attracts no attention. Well, no attention except for the occasional corpse of someone who thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with an old man.

When a woman, Gabriela, recognizes him as Wolverine, Logan tells her to leave him alone. She doesn’t listen and pleads him to help. She’ll pay him to take her daughter, Laura, to safety to North Dakota. The money appeals to Logan so he agrees, but when he returns, Gabriela’s dead.

Armed men later storm Logan’s hideout in search of Laura. Logan tries to fight them but he’s too weak, and they advance on the girl. But she’s not easy to capture. She’s far from easy to capture, and Logan finally understands that she’s someone very special indeed… and that they’re now in much graver danger than he thought.

I’m a big fan of Marvel movies and even though Logan isn’t a part of the Cinematic Universe (and is a 20th Century Fox production), it went right to the top of my list of favorites. Unlike many other superhero movies, it’s very serious and even dark, and that’s what makes it so good.

Logan is one of the few movies where the trailer manages to capture the tone of the movie perfectly. If the trailer makes you want to see the movie, you won’t be disappointed.

The movie focuses heavily on Logan and his personal struggles instead of going the usual superhero route of trying to save the world from certain doom. It brings you close to the characters. They feel alive and you’ll feel for them. I certainly did.

The plot moved at a good pace, mixing grim and gritty action scenes with slower, contemplative sections. Despite the dark overall mood, there were still glimpses of humor.

Logan is definitely my favorite X-Men movie. I’m glad they dared to go with the higher R-rating and remind us that superhero movies can be serious too.

Just watch it. You won’t regret it.



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