Chapter 161 – Holiday in Croatia, part 1

A few years ago, I knew next to nothing about Croatia. Then, thanks to Game of Thrones, I learned there was a city called Dubrovnik somewhere in there. In April I went there on a holiday and it turned out to be an amazingly beautiful country.

Our holiday started in Split where we spent a few days exploring the city and its surroundings. It was off-season, so there weren’t that many people but that just gave us more opportunities to visit the places we wanted.

View from our apartment in Split

The weather was mostly pleasant, even though it was quite windy and it got a bit chilly in the shade. It worked well for our waking trips though, and we did get to see the sun as well.

On our first day we walked through the older parts of the city and visited a beautiful church in there. On the following day we climbed up Marjan hill to see the view. And what a view it was! We could see the whole city, the ocean and even some islands.

Split seen from Marjan hill
Sea view from Marjan hill
The paths on Marjan hill maybe weren’t the most secure but the scenery was too amazing to worry about it!

To find dinner, we walked through narrow streets filled with different kinds of cafes and restaurants. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant we chose but it was very comfy with lots of ocean related decorations. Our waiter was very nice and professional, and he showed us a tray of fresh fish and told us a little bit about each of them. The food was excellent, especially for a fan of seafood like me. I also finally got to taste a tuna steak that’s been seared from both sides but is still red in the middle. The only downside is that now I know how good it is and I’ll never find anything like it here in Finland.

After our first few days in Split, we rented a car and started driving down the coast toward Dubrovnik. The scenery was breathtaking, the water was so blue and turquoise it looked exactly like in magazine ads. The air-conditioning in the car didn’t quite work but fortunately it was a sunny day, so we could just roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze.

For the most part of our drive, we were between the sea…
…and the mountains.


We drove through Bosnia-Herzegovina and then continued for a little while before stopping in a small town called Ston. It was a pretty little place with a huge, long stone wall going up and down the mountain. There were also salt plains and a place to purchase salt as a souvenir (or just to take back to your own kitchen!). We stayed there for a few hours, ate lunch and had some delicious lemon gelato.

The wall in Ston

Then we resumed our journey and arrived in Dubrovnik later that afternoon, which I’ll cover in part 2!

Also, I’m sorry for my absence of late. I’ve been busy and honestly just lazy between my job and our newest furry family member (don’t worry, he’ll get an introduction post here soon!)

Thank you for everyone still sticking around! I’m getting back to this blogging thing, I promise 🙂



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