Chapter 162 – Holiday in Croatia, part 2

This is part 2 of my holiday in Croatia. Missed part one? Click here! Already on track? Read on!

We arrived in Dubrovik in the afternoon and, after a moment of searching, figured out our apartment was at the top of a shopping mall. The apartment overlooked the Dubrovnik harbor and we had an amazing view of the ocean and countless ships.

View from our apartment in Dubrovnik

The following day we set off to the Old Town. It was walled from all sides, right on the edge of the sea. Inside the streets were narrow and the stones smooth and worn. We visited a few of the museums inside but I must say I wasn’t impressed. The museums were tiny, mostly had some pictures on the walls and nearly all information was only in Croatian.

Streets of Old Town
Old Town harbor

The biggest sight was definitely the wall surrounding the town. We walked along it and climbed on the tallest tower. From up there we could see the whole town, the sea in front of us and the mountains behind us.

Old Town as seen from the walls
Old Town as seen from up the nearby hill (the cable car wasn’t working due to wind so we took a taxi up there)
Old Town seen from the outside (picture by Aleksi Luoma)

Definitely one of the best views of my entire life.

We stayed in Dubrovnik for two days and then drove back across Bosnia-Herzegovina and continued to Makarska. It was more or less a beach resort, the place we were supposed to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun… except there was very little sun and very much rain.

The weather in Makarska was mostly on the rainy side, though we did catch a few glimpses of sun
Scenery in Makarska

Also, because it was off-season, there weren’t that many places open. We saw a lot of workers fixing up restaurants and cafes by the beach, but only a few tourists.

We spent the night there and then drove back to Split. We did stop at the Mall of Split first and I couldn’t resist buying a pair of pants.

For our last day in Split we mostly walked around, ate good food and packed for the following morning. We had to leave quite early and then wait at the airport for a few hours. The airport wasn’t very big but there was one bigger shop where we bought some chocolate along for the flight.

As a whole, I enjoyed Croatia. It’s a beautiful country with lots of history to take in. The places we visited weren’t huge so I felt I got to see everything I wanted to even in the limited time we had for each destination. I might go back there one day but it’d be to visit different places, to see something new.

I’d recommend Croatia for almost any kind of traveler who doesn’t shy away from steps and hills. You can have a nice city vacation with lots of shopping, enjoy sunshine on the beach or just travel along the magnificent cost line. Which would fit your ideal holiday?


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