Chapter 163 – A Pupdate

One of the reasons for my lack of activity lately is that we got a dog a month ago. He’s small and furry and fluffy and cute and a whole lot of work.


Our new family member is Gimli, a male Welsh Corgi Cardigan who was born on March 27, 2017. It was quite a ride to get him! The whole drive took us around fourteen hours or so, though it was split over two days.

It took him a few days to settle down but ever since he’s been full of energy… especially biting energy. He loves to try everything (and everyone) with his tiny teeth, and he’s already learned how to appear as if he’s chewing on his toys instead of the couch.

He’s also discovered barking. He gets excited about everything (and everyone) and then he lets out his loud puppy barks. We’ve taught him how to bark on command but he’s still learning the “shh”-part.


Apart from biting, he loves climbing on our laps to play with his toys. Toys are not quite as attractive as fingers and toes, but he’s getting the hang of it.

Despite his slightly devilish features, he’s a good boy.

For the most part.

I’ll write more pupdates (yes, I had to) as he grows and learns what life is all about. If you’re interested, you can find more pictures on his very own Instagram!

What were your pets like when they first came to you? If you don’t have a pet yet, are you planning on getting one someday?

In any case, my days pretty much consist of waking up, going to work, coming home and playing with Gimli until I go to bed. But it’s getting easier and I’m getting more time for myself, so I’m definitely getting more active here once again 🙂

In the coming posts I’ll be writing some reviews, covering my holiday in England and offering some tips on how to stay sane when you don’t have time to write even when you want to. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 163 – A Pupdate

  1. I soon learnt that when my puppy was not around it meant she was doing something bad like tearing handkerchieves or taking toilet paper or peeing or digging and then jumping on the bed with muddy paws. But you forgive them everything.

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