Holiday in England

I’ve had the privilege of traveling quite a bit this spring. I went to Croatia in April and then to England in May. I’ve been to Heathrow airport and Wales before, but this was my first real visit to England.

We stayed in Canterbury for four nights, although we did make daily trips to other areas.

On our arrival day, we mostly explored Canterbury and enjoyed the feel of the city. Our hotel was next to the gate to the cathedral area. It was a small and quirky building, which had been built in the 1700s if I remember correctly. The rooms were… not quite straight. But the staff was friendly and everything was clean, so it was a good place for sleeping.

Our hotel from the outside
This is not a tilted photograph. The other side of the room really was about five inches higher than the other

As we walked around, we climbed a small hill where we could see the Canterbury Cathedral. The weather was a bit gloomy and it drizzled for much of the day, but it was still bearable. And it always helped to stop for a quick bite and a drink, just to get warmed up before heading out again.

Canterbury Cathedral in the distance

The next day we visited Dover and it was definitely the best day, weather-wise. In the morning it looked like it would be cloudy so I — the idiot — didn’t bother to bring any sun lotion. Then it turned out sunny. And we were outside for the whole day. Results weren’t good for me, but other than that it was a great day!

First we visited Dover Castle. There was lot to explore and see, from the castle interior to the green grounds and even the tunnels below.



View from Dover Castle towards the White Cliffs of Dover

After the castle area, we had lunch and then headed off to the White Cliffs of Dover.



View from the cliffs into France

We went to London the next day — which, of course, was also the day of pouring rain. Because the weather was so horrible, we used a hop on, hop off bus to get around and see the sights. We only got to properly visit Victoria and Albert Museum and the Albert Memorial since we were stuck in traffic for pretty much the rest of the day. We got to see most of London only through the bus windows so it might be nice to go back some day, with better weather and more detailed plans of where to go.

We got a bit greedy, wanting to explore everything.

This is probably the best picture I got in London. At least you can recognize Big Ben from this one!

On our fourth day we checked out the campus of University of Kent and then returned to Canterbury for a bit of shopping and relaxing. Since it was our last evening there, we went to the Parrot, which is a pub in one of the oldest buildings in the city. The atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxed, and if it hadn’t been raining, it would’ve been nice to sit on the terrace.

We left early on Friday and went straight to the airport, and then flew back to Finland.

I enjoyed the trip to England, especially Dover and the general area of Canterbury. Between the rain and the traffic jams, our London experience wasn’t the best but I’m glad I got to see it nevertheless. The only thing I’d recommend for people heading to England is to be prepared for the weather — so be sure to pack an umbrella AND sun lotion.

Have you been on a holiday to England? What was your visit like?


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