Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017 film)

After helping the Avengers, Peter Parker faces something even more intimidating: the life of a high school student. When he accidentally runs into criminals selling dangerous alien-tech weapons, he knows he must stop them — but can he do it before those he cares about get hurt?


Peter is ready to put on his Spider-Man suit and move from the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” into a world-saving superhero and a part of the Avengers. While he waits for that call from Tony Stark, Peter keeps himself busy helping ordinary people. One evening he accidentally comes across a group of criminals selling high-tech weapons unlike anything he’s ever seen. Where did the weapons come from and who’s supplying them?

Peter tries to contact Tony but after being brushed off, he decides to handle the case on his own. The technology the criminals have soon proves to be much more dangerous than Peter thought, but there’s no turning back before the streets are safe once more…

There’s one sentence that sums up Spider-Man: Homecoming and that sentence is: it’s another MCU movie!

If you’re a fan of the MCU movies (which I very much am), you’re going to enjoy this. I’ve even heard some people call this the best movie so far. If you haven’t been impressed by the other movies, this probably won’t change your views much.

So, what makes a MCU movie? Action, humor and seriousness. This one leans a bit more towards the humorous side, given it mostly happens in a teenager-filled environment, but there are still heavier themes on the background.

Spider-Man has always been about the struggles of a teenager trying to make sense of the world and Homecoming is no different. Peter often feels lost and even though he wants to be a superhero, he’s not really sure if he’s good enough yet and drives a lot of the action.

The plot was more or less what you’d expect. No huge surprises but solid

Character-wise I enjoyed Peter in this movie. I haven’t read the comics and have only seen the Sam Raimi trilogy before, but I preferred Tom Holland’s performance and characterization. Peter felt more relatable somehow and conveyed more emotion. I also enjoyed the rest of the cast, although the villain-side didn’t get that much time in the spotlight.

I’ve heard a few people call this the best Marvel movie so far but there have been so many amazing ones that I can’t say which has been the best. This went high on my list though, so I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good superhero movie.



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