Camp July Update #1

First week of Camp NaNoWriMo July edition is just about done. Let’s see how I did.


Main Project

Total word count now: 4,073

Word count par today: 3,387

Target word count in total: 15,000

Progress: 26 %

I’m ahead of the par so I’m happy, but not as much as I’d hoped. I had a little fingernail accident so my ring finger is basically out of play and writing without it is surprisingly hard!

Still, it feels sooo wonderful to be back with these characters and their world. I’m only on the second chapter and the beginning is the part I’ve planned out the most, but I’m pretty confident in this WIP overall.

Background Project

Revised chapters now:  0

Revised chapter count par today: 2

Target revised chapters in total: 8

Progress: 0 %

Well, yes, I haven’t actually done any revisions yet. But! My vacation hasn’t yet started so I’m not worried. I did always think I’d work on two project only once I have more free time, and I’m still happy about the progress for my main project.

No reason for panic!

If you’re doing Camp, how was your first week?

If you’re not participating, what writerly or readerly adventures did you partake on this week?

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