Camp July Update #2

Second week of Camp July (almost) done, time for an update!


Main Project

Total word count now: 7,163

Word count par today: 6,774

Target word count in total: 15,000

Progress:  47 %

I’ve just made it to chapter three and I’m still feeling awesome about the story. I had a few zero word days because I went out to a cottage, but I managed to catch up.

Not much else to say about this project so moving right along!

Background Project

Revised chapters now:  2

Revised chapter count par today: 4

Target revised chapters in total: 8

Progress: 25 %

Ughh I know I only have two chapters done and even they were such a chore! It took me two days to get through chapter 17 even though I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted. It just took me much longer than I expected to figure out exactly how to accomplish my idea. But I did it!

The next few chapters shouldn’t be as hard but we’ll see… If they are, it’s going to be one heck of a struggle to hit 8 chapters in total.

But still hopeful!

What’s up with your writing projects? Do you often run into the problem of “I know what I want from this chapter so why can’t I write it?”

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