Camp July Update #3

Week three update incoming!


Main Project

Total word count now: 10,308

Word count par today: 10,161

Target word count in total: 15,000

Progress:  68 %

Okay, I admit it. I lost some steam this week, even though I’m still ahead of the target. I’d intended to go for 11k before the week’s over but it’s just not happening. Heat wave has returned so maybe that’s making my brain melt a bit?

Yeah, let’s go with that and hope for a better fourth week!

Background Project

Revised chapters now: 3

Revised chapter count par today: 6

Target revised chapters in total: 8

Progress: 37 %

So I’m behind a lot this time. But! But I’m halfway through a chapter and once I get that done, it’s going to be smoother sailing for the next few. The chapter I’m working on requires me to rewrite scenes completely (adding characters and removing events) so it’s much slower than just focusing on things like wording and pacing.

I’m making a big promise: by next Sunday (28th) I’ll have 7/8 chapters revised.

If not… well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Are your writerly projects going any better?

Is it hot where you are and does the weather usually affect your creativity?

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