Review: Logan (2017 movie)

Logan barely even recognizes himself. Mutants are all but gone, and he’s in hiding with Professor Xavier. He wants to stay forgotten but an unknown woman approaches him, asking for help. Despite his refusal, he’s already been dragged into a mess he can’t get away from. To make it even worse, he must take responsibility for someone he never knew existed. People are after them, but can they escape in time?


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Review: Assassin’s Creed (2016 movie)

After witnessing the murder of his mother, Callum Lynch has lived a life of shadows. Thirty years later he’s saved from his execution by the Abstergo Foundation who claims he’s a descendant of the ancient Assassins. Callum must learn the past of his ancestors to save the future of not just himself but everyone with free will…


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Review: Star Trek: Beyond (2016 movie)

While docked at a starbase for supplies, Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise contemplates leaving his position. Then an escape pod arrives with an alien who pleads for help and Kirk agrees to lead his crew to investigate the place where the alien’s ship crashed. The simple rescue mission soon becomes more dangerous and dire than anyone could’ve anticipated.


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