Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Rachel’s life isn’t what it used to: she’s a divorced alcoholic who’s living in her friend’s house. The highlight of her day is watching out of the train and following the life of a happily married couple — a couple she’s never even met but feels as if she knows them. One day she sees something shocking in the perfect couple’s house and even though she shouldn’t interfere, she can’t let it go. This could finally be her chance to prove she’s still more than just a girl on the train.


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Review: Nerve (2016 movie)

Vee (short for Venus) lives the life of a normal high school senior, worries of college and boys being her top problems. When her best friend calls her out on never taking any risks, Vee decides to take part in an online game called Nerve. At first it involves silly dares but as the game goes on, the dares turn much more dramatic…


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