Camp July Update #4

This is the final Camp July Update of 2019. Come see how I did and let me know your progress as well!


Main Project

Total word count now: 15,041

Word count par today: 15,000

Target word count in total: 15,000

Progress: 100 %

I’m a winner! Yay!

And what a win. Day 24 I was still on par but after that I had four zero word days in a row! On Day 29 I was over 2k behind but I caught up a little.

On Day 30 I thought I had to finish now, just to make sure nothing could go wrong again. So I wrote 1,675 words (just like doing regular NaNo) and managed to hit my goal.

I’m happy about my progress and the story feels to be moving along nicely again. I still have a lot to write for the draft but at least I have a start now.


Background Project

Revised chapters now:  5

Revised chapter count par today: 8

Target revised chapters in total: 8

Progress: 62 %

Well, this wasn’t such a great success. I guess I overestimated the time I’d be spending by my computer because unlike the Main Project Draft, which I could write anywhere anytime, I really needed my computer for this because it’s the only place I have the Scrivener file.

I didn’t hit my goal but I’m still happy about what I managed to revise. I even came up with a couple of additional tweaks and fixes for the plot that’ll make everything much more interesting, so that’s always nice!

All in all I’d call this Camp a success. And to celebrate that success… I’ll write some more!

How did your Camp go? What writing projects are you currently working on?

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